Mobile Reptile Experience


Our  Mobile Reptile Experience is an ideal way of introducing you to the delights of these fascinating animals from Bearded Dragons, Snakes, Tortoises, Giant Millipede plus many more reptiles. It is a exciting 1 day experience set up at your own venue. We discuss where in the world the animals come from, habitats ,diets  and a load more interesting facts about these cold blooded animals. This Experience is becoming really popular:


We break down some of the barriers normally associated with reptiles with an interactive fun and educational experience which children and adults can enjoy. This is all undertaken in a relaxed and calm manner, it really is fascinating!!!


Bowland Reptile Experience enables children of all ages to feel, touch, smell and hold the animals, learning beyond the classroom.

We can introduce new topics or structure our sessions around topics being learnt in school to consolidate learning that has taken place


On the designated day we will arrive and set up our ‘Reptile Experience Environment’ including gazebo, tables, lights, and a few unexpected treats to make the day a complete experience. We can run a series of sessions with groups or classes throughout the day.

Mobile Farm Experience

The mobile farm experience brings the animals to your Venue.

We set up a mini farm in a location of your choice and give you the opportunity to learn, understand and engage with the animals.

The Mobile farmyard Experience – A hands on farm experience in the safe environment of your own setting without the expense or hassle of organising an external  trip out. You book the farm and we bring everything to you.

This can be the first time that some of the children have ever seen and interacted with animals.

We will give  talks about our animals and supply worksheets which are in line with the National Curriculum.

The Animals we bring.

Sheep, alpacas, hens, ducks ,goats and lambs and chicks seasonally.